Reduce costly drug prices and extend
340B savings directly to your patients in need

Distributing 340B savings directly to the hands of at-risk patients can be a challenge. CaptureCard® has the solution. CaptureCard is a turnkey discount prescription cash card created to help patients obtain the medications they need at prices they can afford — all while demonstrating direct, transparent use of 340B savings.

  • Pass discounts for medications directly to your uninsured patients in need

  • Easy to implement – launch your program in about two weeks

  • Customize fees and/or medications to meet your organizational needs

  • No cost or risk to get started

  • Real time processing and enhanced 340B compliance at point of sale

  • Meets HRSA sliding fee guidelines

  • An important part of any 340B program

Improve outcomes.
Reduce readmission rates.

Improve outcomes for at-risk patients
and reduce costly return visits

One of the biggest challenges in improving patient outcomes is medication adherence. CaptureCard helps improve the chance that at-risk patients will take their medications by reducing the cost of their prescriptions. This improves outcomes and reduces the chance of patients returning for further costly treatments.

How CaptureCard Works:

  • Cards are distributed to entities for free
  • Entities determine which patients qualify
    for CaptureCard at the point of sale.
  • Patients present their CaptureCard to a
    qualified pharmacy to receive discounts
  • CaptureCard takes care of the rest
  • Pharmacies maintain their current
    point-of-sale procedures.
  • Discount fees and medications eligible for
    the program can be customized for the entity
  • Ask about our one-time-use card option – it’s
    a perfect solution for hospitals.

Customize your CaptureCard

Add a personal touch as you extend lower-cost prescriptions to your patients in need. With the CaptureCard White Label service, we can create a customized card that features your brand as you strive to serve your community.

  • Reduce drug prices to your patents in need
  • Customized 340B discount card
  • Customized non-340B discount savings card
  • CaptureCard takes care of the rest
  • Customized support materials

Plus, try our other discount card
designed for every patient:

With your CaptureCard program, you may opt into the ElixirSavings Prescription Discount Card (DSP). This allows your patients that are not 340B eligible to receive discounts at 60,000+ participating pharmacies. The DSP provides a 40% to 60% discount on most medications. By opting into this program concurrently with CaptureCard, all at-risk patients will receive a discount whether the claim is 340B eligible or not.

With the ElixirSavings card, compliance is a non-issue. We will ensure these claims are never approved for 340B based on a filter put into place during the implementation process. There are no restrictions on who can use the card and no paperwork is required.

CaptureRx 340B Solutions