Consolidate data from multiple TPAs and pharmacy locations into one easy 340B interface

As covered entities, retail and specialty pharmacies expand their 340B networks, the need for efficiency across multiple locations and third-party administrators grows. CaptureConnect’s proven platform makes it easier to manage your current network and prepare for future growth with a scalable gateway solution. CaptureConnect simplifies your 340B program administration while keeping you compliant with streamlined financials, inventory and claims processing.

  • Consolidate 340B data across multiple pharmacy locations and TPAs
  • No change to covered entities‘ and pharmacies’ current procedures
  • Compliance double-check
  • Easy 10-day turnkey implementation
  • No implementation fees. No switch fees.

  • Free volume analysis

The single source
for 340B data

Streamline your 340B administrative
tasks and financial reporting across

• Audit & Compliance – Maintain strict 340B audit trail on every claim
• Optimize Inventory Management – Place orders, manage virtual inventory, central fill, automatic replenishment and remediation with covered entities
• Track 340B Revenue and Payments – Gain easy access to your financial data
• Simple 340B Reporting – Track 340B program results with ease
• Capture 100% of Claims – Capture prescription claim transactions at the switch level across multiple pharmacies and payers
• Eligibility – Match claims to patient encounters and other filters
• Automated Payments – Receive electronic transfer auto payments semi-monthly
• Standardize Your Contracts – Make managing contracts easier than ever

CaptureConnect will actively build
out your 340B network
and help grow your business

At CaptureRx, our mission is to enable your mission. That’s why we assign you an expert team to help implement your program and actively expand your local 340B network. We’ll work with you to connect our vast network of covered entities to your local pharmacy locations and help you grow your business.

340B Compliance

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