Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a free, no-obligation demo of your compliance platform?2020-05-19T18:42:45-05:00

Yes. Click here to request a free demo.

What are the record-keeping requirements for contract pharmacies?2019-07-03T10:56:49-05:00

The covered entity must have fully auditable records that demonstrate compliance with all 340B Program requirements, including drugs dispensed through a contract pharmacy arrangement. The contract pharmacy will provide the covered entity with reports consistent with customary business practices (e.g., quarterly billing statements, status reports of collections and receiving, and dispensing records). The contract pharmacy, with the assistance of the covered entity, will establish and maintain a tracking system suitable to prevent diversion of 340B drugs and duplicate discounts on the drugs. Customary business records, which must be readily retrievable, may be used for this purpose. The covered entity will establish a process for a periodic comparison of its prescribing records with the contract pharmacy’s dispensing records to detect potential irregularities. Such records can include: prescription files, velocity reports, and records of ordering and receipt of drugs. These records will be maintained for a period of time required by State law and regulations (75 Fed. Reg. 10272 (Mar. 5, 2010)).

What are the audit and compliance requirements under the contract pharmacy guidelines?2019-07-03T10:55:35-05:00

The covered entity must have sufficient information to ensure ongoing compliance and the timely recognition of any 340B Program compliance problem at all contract pharmacy locations. The covered entity remains responsible for the 340B drugs it purchases and dispenses through a contract pharmacy. All covered entities are required to maintain auditable records and provide oversight of their contract pharmacy arrangements. HRSA expects that covered entities will utilize independent audits as part of fulfilling their ongoing obligation of ensuring 340B Program compliance. 340B Program violations found during internal or independent audits must be disclosed to HRSA along with the covered entity’s plan to address the violation. This information should be mailed to Health Resources and Services Administration, Office of Pharmacy Affairs, 5600 Fishers Lane, Mail Stop 08W05A, Rockville, MD 20857. Additionally, HRSA audits of covered entities include a covered entity’s contract pharmacies. A contract pharmacy will be removed from the 340B Program if the covered entity is not providing oversight of its contract pharmacy arrangement.

What is a “ship to bill to” arrangement?2019-07-03T10:53:27-05:00

The “ship to bill to” procedure refers to an arrangement set up by the covered entity who is responsible for purchasing 340B drugs from wholesalers and/or manufacturers and directs those 340B drugs to be shipped to the contract pharmacy. In other words, the covered entity maintains title of the 340B drugs as required, but the contract pharmacy(ies) houses the drugs and provides dispensing services to patients of the covered entity.

Can you help develop a 340B strategy and program for specialty drugs?2020-05-19T18:47:08-05:00

Yes.  Contact us here < https://www.capturerx.com/contact/> and mention specialty drugs in your Mission.  If you are an existing client, reach out to your Customer Relationship Manager for more information.

Can I get a free feasibility analysis on a pharmacy I am interested in?2020-05-19T18:47:36-05:00

Yes.  Contact us here < https://www.capturerx.com/contact/> and mention pharmacy feasibility analysis in your Mission.  If you are an existing client, reach out to your Customer Relationship Manager for more information.

Can your platform help with Medicaid carve-in / carve-out?2020-05-19T18:48:05-05:00

Contact us here < https://www.capturerx.com/contact/> and mention assistance with Medicaid carve-in / carve-out in your Mission.  If you are an existing client, reach out to your Customer Relationship Manager for more information.

Do you have flexible programs for new 340B covered entities?2020-05-19T18:48:33-05:00

Yes, we are able to offer a variety of program options based on the needs of your entity.

Are you owned by a pharmacy or wholesaler?2020-05-19T18:43:44-05:00

No, we are independently owned and operated.

Do you have a sliding fee scale solution?2019-07-03T10:44:49-05:00

Yes, the CaptureCard is for uninsured patients.

What is the minimum / maximum number of pharmacies I can implement?2020-05-19T18:46:32-05:00

We do not require a minimum number of pharmacies.  If you are new to 340B, our sales teams can help you build a pharmacy network.  If you have an existing program with another third party administrator, our implementation team can assist you in transferring your program to CaptureRx.  We are ready to grow with you as your network grows.


How long does it take to get started / implement with CaptureRx?2020-05-19T18:45:53-05:00

Once HRSA has approved your Covered Entity for the 340B program or for Covered Entities wishing to onboard additional contract pharmacies, the average implementation time is less than 90 days.

Where do I find information regarding the grants CaptureRx offers?2020-05-19T18:45:25-05:00

You can find grant information by clicking here.

If I don’t have the new CaptureCard, are there any other options to obtain a discount using CaptureRx?2022-06-23T06:20:11-05:00

Yes. An additional Elixir Savings discount card is offered by CaptureRx, but is not to be used as an insurance card.

EnvisionSavings Card
What pharmacies can I use my new CaptureCard at?2019-07-12T15:46:13-05:00

Please contact your prescribing entity or facility to obtain a list of pharmacies associated to your CaptureCard.

What is my member ID number?2019-07-12T15:44:07-05:00

Please contact the entity or facility to obtain a new member ID, as each CaptureCard is associated to only one patient.

Why won’t my CaptureCard work?2019-07-12T15:28:08-05:00

Ensure you are using the correct BIN/PCN/GROUP #. Each patient will use the same BIN(610724) but the PCN and the Group # are associated to the Entity who issued the patient the card. The new CaptureCard looks like this:

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