Capture 340B revenue through
specialty pharmacy claims

The specialty drug market is increasing at a rapid pace and capturing claims for these high-end specialty drugs can have a great impact on your 340B program revenue. At CaptureRx, we can provide you with the expertise, relationships, and proven processes to build a valuable specialty program – quickly. CaptureRx manages dual wholesaler relationships that will fulfill formularies unique to wholesalers. Our drop ship capability, as required for specific specialty drugs, makes it a seamless process. And our team of experts can provide you with a financial feasibility analysis to discover exactly how much additional 340B revenue is possible.

  • Expanded formulary
  • Dual wholesalers
  • Custom ordering process
  • Variable pricing models
  • Drop-ship capability
  • Program management


Innovative 340B solutions dedicated
to your success

At CaptureRx, our mission is to enable your mission. Our leading software solutions and expert team will handle the complicated, time-consuming tasks associated with 340B compliance, giving you more time and resources to achieve your mission and do what you do best – care for patients in need.

• 100% claims – Capture prescription claim transactions at the switch level across pharmacies and payers
• Audit & Compliance – Maintain audit trail on every claim
• Eligibility – Match claims to patient encounters and other filters
• Replenishment – Manage virtual inventory and place wholesaler orders
• Reporting – Track program results
• Financial – Receive automated payments by electronic transfer semi-monthly

Benefits to Covered Entities

• Increased 340B revenue
• Multiple pharmacy options to choose from
• Consultative approach with financial feasibility analysis
• Rapid implementation process
• Ability to treat current specialties, and to expand
• Increased revenue leads to more lives served
• Medication adherence improvement and monitoring


CaptureRx 340B Solutions