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Generate more 340B revenue through CaptureRx

For more than twenty years, CaptureRx has helped safety net providers and pharmacies achieve their objectives through leading 340B solutions. Our solutions handle the complicated, time-consuming tasks associated with 340B management and compliance, giving you more time and resources to achieve your mission and do what you do best — care for patients in need.

  • Ease of Use

    Making 340B simple and straightforward for You

  • Continual Support

    As your 340B partners, we offer unparalleled access to industry experts, the latest resources, and the most extensive customer support team in the industry, always ready to assist you

  • Compliance Standards

    We’ll reduce your compliance risk, while upholding the highest security standards in 340B management.

  • Revenue Optimization

    Our approach to filtering ensures optimal 340B revenue capture while adhering rigidly to compliance guidelines, delivering the maximum benefit to you without any compromise on integrity or risk to your 340B program.

Products and Services

CaptureRx: 20+ years of 340B solutions for safety net providers and pharmacies.
Simplifying 340B management and compliance to free up time and resources for patient care.

CaptureRx 340B TPA

Improve your 340B processes and maximize revenue


Capture 340B revenue through specialty pharmacy claims


Expand your 340B network with ease


Capture 340B-eligible referral claims to optimize your savings


Reduce drug prices and extend 340B savings directly to patients


Provide access to essential medications for patients in need

CaptureConnect will actively build your 340B network and help grow your business

Actively expand your local 340B network. We’ll work with you to connect our vast network of covered entities to your local pharmacies and help you grow your business.