Our Proprietary Cumulus® Platform

In use since 2009, Cumulus was built specifically to solve the challenges of 340B program management in the contract pharmacy setting. But more importantly to us, it was built to enable covered entities to serve more patient lives. Last year, Cumulus processed more than 48 million patient encounters and more than 200 million switch claims, representing millions of patient lives across the US.

In February of 2020, we released an updated Cumulus – keeping with our commitment to enabling our customers’ missions. Cumulus was designed to provide a higher level of transparency and self-service, enabling customers to take control of their program – with the ability to make changes, add or edit information in real-time. Claim information is now available on-demand to understand the status of claims and reporting is self-driven and exportable.

CaptureRx’s first and foremost goal is to provide its users with unmatched compliance and to mitigate risks – with the end purpose of capturing all 340B savings possible. Cumulus’s simplicity and transparency will provide increased efficiencies, leading to a possible reduction in operating costs.

Using a process that’s seamless to the covered entity, pharmacy and patient, the Cumulus platform manages inventory and financial flow for 340B prescriptions filled at contract pharmacies and performs the 340B eligibility checks required to help the covered entity manage compliance with program requirements. The Cumulus platform helps hospitals, health centers and retail pharmacies manage their contract pharmacy programs and:

  • Capture 100 percent of all prescription claim transactions at the switch level, across multiple pharmacies and payers
  • Match claims to patient encounters and other filters to determine eligibility
  • Manage virtual inventory and place wholesaler orders
  • Report on popular metrics for tracking program results
  • Maintain an audit trail on every claim—including the pill and patient details auditors want to see
  • Receive automated payments by bank electronic transfer semi-monthly to keep your program on track