Founded in 2000, San Antonio-based CaptureRx is a healthcare technology company and leading 340B solution provider that puts people first, touching millions of patient lives through customer obsession and innovative products and services that support relationships among payers, providers, pharmacies and patients. Our solutions manage inventory and financial flow for 340B prescriptions filled at contract pharmacies and perform the eligibility checks required to comply with 340B program requirements. Using a process that’s seamless to the covered entity, pharmacy and patient, our Cumulus® platform has processed more than 250 million patient encounters and more than one billion switch claims. CaptureRx solutions serve more than 540 hospitals and health centers in 45 states via a robust pharmacy network of more than 3,500 contracted locations of independent, national and regional pharmacies.

Our Culture

Our employees have always been critical to our mission of helping hospitals and health centers put patients first, and our culture encourages their total well-being:

• Casual. It’s casual every day at CaptureRx! Employees wear what feels right (company-issued flip-flops optional).

• Comfortable. Our work environment was designed with work spaces situated near exterior windows to encourage everyone to take in the sunlight and enjoy the views. We encourage teamwork and collaboration with comfortable work spaces and whiteboard walls for sharing ideas.

• Welcoming. From each employee’s first-day welcome party, to impromptu town hall communication with employees, and plenty of fun activities in-between – there are many opportunities for employees to connect with co-workers. Our break room serves as the daily hub for celebrations and water cooler conversations (although they may take place around the gourmet coffee machine, instead).

• Focused on your wellness. Beyond our benefits, we have a full-time staff of wellness experts to help keep employees healthy. With discounted gym memberships, ongoing fitness challenges, presentations from health experts, onsite nutritionist, and a full time personal trainer, the wellness team encourages employees to feel their best, every day.

Our Team

Chris Hotchkiss

Chief Executive Officer

A fearless leader and passionate champion of our mission, Chris is one of the founders of CaptureRx. Though he originally wanted to be a history teacher, Chris – along with his business partner, Ed Gilmartin – created CaptureRx as a “people centered, customer obsessed” organization dedicated toward delivering 340B solutions in the healthcare industry. When asked to share one of his top achievements, Chis pointed to his second grade spelling bee participation award. When asked for additional comments, the captain of CaptureRx had a simple answer, “I’m pretty boring. Move along.” He’s so inspiring.

Paul Melancon, Rph., MBA

Vice President, Client Management

Paul has more than forty years of deep experience working in and around health centers and pharmacies throughout the country. He leads a skilled team of client management experts dedicated to full-heartedly enabling the missions of our clients. It’s part of the reason why CaptureRx has achieved a customer retention rate of over 97% since 2007. For fun, the Louisiana native loves everything outdoors, from fishing to golf. If you’re lucky, you might also catch Paul practicing duck calling while waiting at traffic lights in preparation for the duck hunting season. Quack away Paul, quack away.

Terry Copeland, Rph., MBA

Vice President, Operations

Terry holds more than 25 years in pharmacy operations development and management of both acute care and retail pharmacies. It can be said that the customer focus of Terry and his team are part of the reason why CaptureRx can help customers produce such stellar 340B compliance records. Terry has been described around the office as a serial practical joker with a dry sense of humor. With Terry’s Mississippi accent, he regularly competes in the company’s “best accent competition.”

Jose Padilla

Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Jose is a lawyer with more than 18 years of experience in healthcare and private equity. While his claim to fame may be in publishing law articles on venture financing, Jose and his team make their biggest impact helping CaptureRx stay ahead of the latest legal developments in healthcare and business practice. Important as that is, Jose is also a skilled linguist and is fluent in 5 languages. So if you ever need something translated – Jose just might be your guy.

Richard Wojcik

Chief Financial Officer

Rich is a trusted and driven financial executive with an extensive background in strategic planning, budgeting and corporate finance. Rich and his team are responsible for implementing one of the key company values at CaptureRx, financial discipline. Rich follows life lessons from Jim Harbaugh and attacks every day with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

Becky Simeon, Ph.D.

Chief Human Resources Officer

Becky has spent over 25 years in human resources, helping create a development-focused culture in which high performing, highly engaged employees exceed business objectives while also being enabled to achieve personal career goals. Becky and her team attack each day with such passion that it’s no wonder CaptureRx was awarded Top Workplace in San Antonio by San Antonio Express-News. She even keeps toys on her desk to help you relax and feel more comfortable when speaking. Hey! Work doesn’t have to be boring folks.

Tom Mackintire

Senior Vice President, Unique Lives Development

The Boston native is a seasoned veteran of the healthcare industry, with more than 20 years experience. Tom and his team dedicate their work to helping our clients achieve their missions. Tom takes this so seriously that he asked to change his department’s title from business development to “unique lives development.” When Tom gets a moment of free time, he enjoys competing against Terry in our “best accent competition” and watching Boston themed movies on repeat. Legend has it, if you say “Khakis” in the mirror three times, Tom appears holding a set of car keys.

Franc Sieira

Chief Technology Officer

Franc has been working in IT for more than 26 years. In fact, his interest in IT dates back to his high school years. Franc has worked in a variety of industries including Telecom, Banking, Finance, Healthcare and Marketing Analytics. Though he says, “I am a jack of all trades and master of none,” his mastery in software development and team leadership disputes his grandiose claim. In addition to IT, his key competencies include being able to iron his own shirt and sporting the same “haircut” for the past 22 years. In case you missed it, he’s bald.