Chances are if you’re reading our about us page, you’re at a critical moment in investigating who we are as a company. Well, I guess that investigation should start from the beginning…

College friends and founders, Ed Gilmartin and Chris Hotchkiss created CaptureRx more than 20 years ago. Their vision for the company wasn’t anything grand, they simply wanted to make their mark on the world and leave it a little better than when they entered it.

Our Mission

Is to enable your mission. Whether we’re serving our clients, their patients or our own employees, our mission is the driving force behind everything we do.

Our Values


  • Be tenacious and compassionate
  • Clear and honest conversations
  • Do the right thing because it is right
  • Enable others to be the best version of themselves
  • Financial discipline that enables compassion and dignity

Serving the


Our Culture

At the start, we didn’t have endless stock options or the ability to pay large salaries to attract or keep employees. However, we could offer them our mission and values, and a promise to uphold them.