Capture 340B-eligible referral prescriptions to optimize your savings.

When your patients are referred to specialists such as oncologists or infectious disease providers, the resulting 340B-eligible prescription claims can be difficult to track. If ignored, you’ll miss out on valuable 340B-eligible savings. ReferDoc has the solution. Claims that match on the patient filter, but fail to match on the prescriber filter, are held for review by ReferDoc. Once reviewed, these claims can be reprocessed as eligible, improving your 340B savings. Discover how ReferDoc can expand your 340B referral script opportunities and improve your bottom line.

  • Easily track referral claims and expand your 340B program
  • Expand your overall 340B savings
  • Improve tracking of referral prescriptions
  • Optimize your specialty pharmaceuticals program
  • Achieve dependable 340B compliance

Delivering leading
340B solutions

CaptureRx delivers leading 340B solutions with a dedication to your success

At CaptureRx, our mission is to enable your mission. Our leading software solutions and expert team will handle the complicated, time-consuming tasks associated with 340B compliance, giving you more time and resources to achieve your mission and do what you do best — care for patients in need.

• Get seamless management of inventory and financial flow
for 340B prescriptions filled at contract pharmacies
• Multiple disciplined solutions for dependable 340B compliance
• Innovation in software and service for optimal 340B savings you can trust
• Personalized service from industry experts driven by your mission – not ours.
• Pharmacy networks custom built for your local area to maximize results

How ReferDoc Works

• ReferDoc is housed in your Cumulus account
• No need for more software or add-ons
• Claims match on the patient filter
• Some fail to match on the prescriber and are held for review
• Your staff review and, if eligible, reprocesses them
• 340B savings are optimized

Free 60-Day Trial

Let us prove how ReferDoc can help expand your 340B program and maintain compliance. We’ll send our experts to team up with you and run ReferDoc for 60 days at no cost. See for yourself how easily ReferDoc can help expand your 340B savings and improve your bottom line.


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