Capture 340B-eligible referral prescriptions to optimize your savings.

ReferDoc is an optional solution that provides you the ability to capture prescription claims written by specialists such as oncologists, rheumatologists, hepatologists, infectious disease providers and others. ReferDoc can help you optimize your specialty program – and better track referral scripts in general. With ReferDoc, claims that match on the patient filter, but fail to match on the prescriber filter, are held for review in Cumulus. If checked as eligible in ReferDoc, the claim will reprocess as eligible. Discover 340B referral script opportunities with a 60-day free trial!

• Expand your 340B program
• Easily track referral claims
• Optimize your specialty program
• Maintain compliance
• Free 60-day trial

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If you are currently a customer of CaptureRx, let us show you how ReferDoc can help you expand your 340B benefits. Try our FREE 60-day trial so you can evaluate the 340B opportunity associated with your referral scripts.


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