Staying home has its challenges and at times it can have its benefits.

Whether you’re flying solo or have a full house – we all have a ‘Quarantine Homie’ that is helping us to get through this extended stay at home period. We asked our employees to shed some light on who or what is helping them get through all this. 

Mitch and his 4-year-old son – “who is a lover of bad guys in movies (if that wasn’t obvious)”

Bettina and Her Puppy

“Bettina’s quarantine homie is her four-legged co-worker, Ranger! Bettina says, ” like my other coworkers, he greets me with a smile, provides a helping hand (or paw) when needed, and enjoys the office tradition of Popcorn Thursday 😊Although I miss seeing everyone in the office, this homie isn’t so bad 😉”

Matt’s Homie – “Seiya (the lab) and Nano (the chihuahua) conducting their daily duties of begging for food as I eat at my desk. Seiya brought his A-Game by breaking out the puppy eyes, earning him a few more bites of my leftover breakfast taco. No doubt they’ll be back for round two during lunch.”

Terry’s Homies – “This is Mollie and TJ. They are excited and confused as to why we are home “ALL THE TIME”. I think it’s interrupting their routine, but they are pretty good company.”

Cat by a Tree

Willie has managed to ‘replace’ her HR co-workers with furry substitutions. Introducing, Meet Chrisheeney (all one word; AKA Maci); Chrisheeney is a little more independent, dare I say a bit aloof. She has the most beautiful eyelashes and whiskers. She spends her workday hiding from Bettina and me and yet always shows up at quitting time looking ragged from her long day.  We aren’t really sure what she does all day, but we know we couldn’t do what we do without her. She actually spends a great deal of time admiring the plants around the office and when she thinks we are not looking she is inclined to lick the leaves and even eat them.

Willie would like to introduce you to Bettina (AKA Grayci). Bettina likes to sit near me and gaze into my eyes. She often wants to hold my hand; making it difficult to get work completed in a timely manner. She is always there, never taking time off, and quite frankly arrives early and leaves late every day. It is difficult to get her to take a break. She makes me feel like a slacker! She has a big heart and is always available when I’m having a bad day. She always seems to know when I need a hand, a cuddle or a harsh scratch to get back on track. She really is the co-worker I rely on most!