Firstly, what is Medication Adherence?

According to the FDA, Medication adherence, or taking medications correctly, is generally defined as the extent to which patients take medication as prescribed by their doctors. This involves factors such as getting prescriptions filled, remembering to take medication on time, and understanding the directions.


Medication Adherence by the Numbers

graphic showing medication adherence statistics


The Impact of Poor Medication Adherence

impact of poor medication adherence graphic

The Medication Adherence Grant, offered by Capture Cares, is awarded to organizations who wish to adopt best practices in medication adherence and help improve their patients outcomes.

Taking our medicine as prescribed is essential for controlling chronic conditions, remedying temporary conditions, and improving our overall long-term health and well-being. The Medication Adherence grant is designed to help facilitate in the strategy of these steps.


Seed Grants

What is a Seed Grant?

Grants can be complex, time-consuming and out of reach for many organizations. Thousands of grants go unclaimed every year due to these complexities and costs associated. The Capture Cares Seed Grant provides recipients with a team of experts who consult with their organization and provide the tools, data and processes necessary to successfully apply for substantial grants.

In short, it is a grant designed to help your organization understand and apply for future grants effectively.


These grants are designed to take the weight off your shoulders and allow your organization to do what you do best – take care of your patients. At CaptureRx, our mission is to enable your mission.

Tell us yours.