Community Health Centers of the Central Coast (CHCCC) currently serve over 111,000 people in the Santa Barbara County of California. CHCCC is also a recent recipient of a Community Mission Grant from Capture Cares.

CaptureRx had the opportunity to speak with CHCCC about their plans for their Community Mission Grant and what they hope to achieve with the grant funding. Here are the takeaways from that meeting:

The Issue:

In Santa Barbara County, about 80% of the hundred or so thousand patients at CHCCC suffer from some form of mental health issue – such as anxiety, depression, etc.

Many families and people in the area often become overwhelmed with the housing crisis and high cost of living in the Californian County. This is particularly prevalent, as a significant portion of the county’s population are migrant workers and low-income workers.

Unfortunately, due to a perceived cultural stigma regarding mental health, many of these overwhelmed and affected people fail to seek treatment for their mental health issues.

In response to this, CHCCC began hosting different support and education groups for members of the community who didn’t have access to mental health support. After conducting these support groups, it was found that there was an even larger need for support concerning other issues – issues such as food insecurity.

CHCCC then began a partnership with the Food Bank to combat food insecurity in the region. However, in Santa Barbara County, one of the issues faced was providing food access to isolated groups/families of the region. And federal funds, typically, cannot be used for transport.

The Solution:

Through the Community Mission Grant, Capture Cares can support this mission of CHCCC. CHCCC intends to use the provided grant funds to purchase a vehicle to deliver food, provide support and offer basic transportation services to and from their clinic.

CaptureRx and Capture Cares are proud to support the missions of covered entities who provide needed services to communities across America.