Case Study

FamilyCare Health Centers
Scott Depot WV

Furthering the Mission with CaptureCard


Established in 1984, FamilyCare is a non-profit Community Health Center and Federally Qualified Health Center (FQCH) based in West Virginia. FamilyCare’s mission is to provide healthcare that focuses on the whole person and benefits the entire community. Their focus is to help people live healthier, happier lives and help children get a good start in life which will enable their communities to thrive.

FamilyCare Health Centers uses CaptureCard® by CaptureRx to help provide affordable medications to its patients in need. CaptureCard is a cash card solution that enables entities to extend their 340B savings to patients in need in a compliant, transparent way.

“CaptureCard® really makes a difference.
Our patients really benefit from the lower prices.
Plus it’s very user friendly and reports are pulled
in a timely fashion. In short, CaptureCard has been great.”

– M.B. I FamilyCare Health Center I Scott Depot, WV

In addition to helping patients reduce the cost of prescription drugs, FamilyCare uses its 340B savings to help fund its 15 locations including a mobile health unit and a mobile dental unit that visits schools and serves children in at-risk areas.

  • Low-price medications for at-risk patients
  • Extend 340B savings to patients in need
  • An important part of any 340B program