Vanessa Gonzales - ACE Certified large graphic

CaptureRx is committed to enabling the missions of Covered Entities. Part of that commitment requires us to be trusted industry experts and advisors. To accomplish that, we are dedicated to the learning and development of our employees.

Part of that learning comes via the Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate or ACE certification.

At CaptureRx, we are dedicated to helping as many of our employees as possible become ACE certified. Helping us to help you enable your mission.

One of those employees is Vanessa Gonzales. We interviewed Vanessa to discuss why she chose to become ACE certified and what she hopes to accomplish.

Here is that transcript:

1. How long have you been working at CaptureRx?

“I have been working at CaptureRx for a year and a half.”

2. What do you do at CaptureRx?

My current title is Implementation Specialist I. In this role, I manage all parts of the implementation process and work collaboratively to resolve issues, needs, or concerns. I am responsible for leading the implementation process through management of project start-dates, external and internal deadlines, and clear deliverables defined by customer contracts, government guidelines, and internal policies and procedures.”

3. What are your Hobbies?

“I enjoy being with family, going on long walks, wine tasting, and road-tripping to nearby towns to try some of their local cuisines!”

4. Why did you choose to get Ace Certified?

“When I joined the CaptureRx family, the 340B industry was a whole new world for me.  I chose to get ACE Certified to increase my knowledge within the industry and to serve as a resource for my fellow colleagues.

5. What do you like most about working at Capture?

“Our mission, culture, and values. Being on the implementation team is a bonus!”

Here at CaptureRx, we are honored to continuously support the missions of Covered Entities. This is just one example of how we do that.