CaptureRx recently had the opportunity to speak with the team from Tulare County about their upcoming plans for their Community Mission grant. We discussed what they hope to accomplish with their Backpack Project and their overall thoughts on the 340B program. Here is the takeaway from that discussion:

Unlike larger city jurisdictions, the homeless population at Tulare County often has to travel great distances to get where they need to go – including to support services and appointments.

Many of the homeless in the area only have what is on their person, meaning that they can risk losing all their belongings to theft when attending certain services and appointments. Often patients would rather miss an appointment than risk leaving their belongings behind. This can result in lower health outcomes for the individual should they miss these appointments.

The goal of the Backpack Project is to provide a backpack, among other items, to the homeless population of Tulare County. This will allow these people to have peace of mind by bringing their belongings with them to their services/appointments. The grant funds from the Community Mission grant allow this project to come into effect.

CaptureRx is honored to be a part of a project that provides these services to some of the most vulnerable of our community.

The 340B program can often be misinterpreted, misunderstood and at times met with confusion. We had the chance to speak with Tulare County’s 340B Compliance officer about her opinion on the program and how 340B helps Tulare County’s patients.

“In Tulare County, there is a high rate of uninsured individuals, as well as lower-income individuals and undocumented migrants. Through programs like the CaptureCard and the 340B program with Walgreens, Tulare County can provide these uninsured individuals with prescriptions at a reduced rate.

Without 340B, these people can be paying upwards of $400 for Insulin. 340B reduces their out of pocket cost and allows them to put food back on the table for their families. Often, these people choose between buying groceries that week and paying for their medication. 340B allows them to do both.” – Tiffany, 340B Compliance Officer at Tulare County.

CaptureRx, at times, doesn’t get a chance to see the effect our work can have on the community – we are after all tucked away in an office. To hear about these projects inspires us to continue to do what we do and work towards further enabling our clients.