Three Pillars to Enable Your Mission

When it comes to 340B compliance there’s only one number for total savings that’s right for your organization.
At CaptureRx, our three pillars are designed to get you closest to your number without exceeding it.

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340B Solutions
for Hospitals

We’ll help you identify the pharmacies located where your patients live and work, and we’ll get you up and running quickly.

340B Solutions
for Health Centers

Reduce the administrative burden of managing your 340B program. The cloud-based Cumulus® platform automates your 340B processes and maintains an audit trail on every claim—including the pill and patient details auditors want.

340B Solutions
for Pharmacies

Benefit from a proven model for managing 340B requirements across your retail pharmacy chain.

340B Solutions
for Managed Care

CaptureRx can work with your MCO to create a solution for your catchment area and help you identify, communicate with and coordinate 340B providers and pharmacies to compliantly report 340B claims.

Find Your Number

When it comes to 340B compliance, there’s only one number for total savings that’s right for your organization. Our goal is to provide our users with unmatched compliance and to mitigate risks – with the end purpose of capturing all 340B savings possible.

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