The Ultimate 340B Self Auditing Guide For Healthcare Centers, Hospitals, and Ryan White Clinics 

Provided by CaptureRx

Do you need direction about how to prepare for audits and how to implement best practices for ongoing compliance?

This comprehensive Self-Audit Guide for Healthcare Centers, prepared by 340B experts at CaptureRx, will show you exactly what you need to address for best-practices and to strengthen your program.

There are eight sections of the self-audit process in this guide. Each section contains an overview and actionable steps to take through the process, with downloadable worksheets to help you along the way. The close of most sections contains reference material and appropriate FAQs.

The ultimate guide to self audits

The sections of this must-have Self-Audit guide contain the following topics:

  • Electronic Handbook and OPA Database

  • OPA Database vs. Pharmacy Services Agreements – Contract Pharmacies Process

  • Pharmacy Services Agreements Essential Elements Process

  • Medicaid Exclusion File FFS, NPI and/or Medicaid Number and Managed Medicaid Review

  • Drug Orders/Dispensations Process

  • 340B Policy and Procedures Review

  • 340B Education and Training Review

  • Referrals and 340B

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