Our Mission

“What’s your mission? Ours is to enable yours.” Companies’ mission statements typically all sound the same. They all routinely promise integrity, compassion and or humility. But, how often do they actually deliver on those promises?

During new employee orientation at CaptureRx, employees are bombarded with our mission statement. It’s on t-shirts, wall quotes, notepads – everything. And initially, it can be easy to associate that mission statement as just another business offering empty promises.

Your association with that quickly changes.

At CaptureRx, our mission is everything. We don’t measure success in dollars, sales or clicks – we measure success in how we’ve helped our clients progress their mission.
Every sales outreach, every marketing message, every interaction – must enable the client’s mission.

Lorinda M. | Pharmacy Sales Manager

And in the 340B industry, those client missions often revolve around providing positive health outcomes in our communities.

To make sure our mission is succeeding in enabling theirs, we measure our results in something we like to call, “unique lives served.” It is the total number of unique people our products have helped. You’re unlikely to ever hear the term “revenue forecast” in a CaptureRx meeting.

Our mission is truly embodied by every CaptureRx employee, or they wouldn’t be an employee in the first place.

Impacting lives through grants

Our mission is to enable your mission. That’s why CaptureRx supports Capture Cares in providing grants to safety net providers across the nation.
Below are just a few examples of how Capture Cares is making a difference.