Our Culture

We’re casual. We’re not casual through our relaxed dress policy or having an office pool table (both of which we have). We’re casual because of our notion to reject most business formalities. This can be seen in many things we do – from our freedom to operate individually to our open door policy. We value the quality of the individual as well as the expertise they bring to CaptureRx.

Our why. What’s the reason we get up and come into work in the morning? We want to enable our people and clients to achieve their mission – whatever that might be – for employees, that may be to take their career in a new direction; for clients, that may be to expand healthcare in a rural community. We aren’t driven by the balance sheet or income statement. We want to enable our employees to become who they strive to be, and our clients to achieve what they need to achieve.

Lorinda M. | Pharmacy Sales Manager

Offices located across from historic Majestic theater

What are some adjectives our employees and the industry use to describe us? We are tenacious. We are scrappy. Being scrappy, being confounding is the manner in which we achieve that inevitability.

Our people. Our hiring environment, and subsequently our employees, speaks directly to our mission and values. If you think you’re aligned with our beliefs, please visit our careers page to view our current opportunities. We will take care of you if you take care of our “why.”

Our employee initiatives and benefits reflect our belief in the individual. This can be reflected in the wellness program we offer and the company minimum wage ($25 per hour/ $52,000 per annum) that we offer all employees. We also provide flip-flops upon orientation. To my Australian readers, we call them thongs – available upon request.

Owning our failures. We make mistakes. We don’t hide from them. We recognize them, we learn from them – we own them, we are them. We take our mission and our values seriously, and sometimes we fail. But, inevitably we succeed and success is defined by the lives we’ve served.

In the end: Our culture is not monolithic – each department, each individual, experiences it differently. It could be the hardest job you’ve ever had if you can’t align with our mission. If you can’t work hard towards that mission stop reading now. We know CaptureRx isn’t for everyone (yes, we know about Glassdoor!). We are not social justice warriors, we are an organization on a mission. We do what we do because we want to drive our mission and incentivise those who come with us on that journey.

Getting to know Capture

Ever wanted to know who was on the other side of that CaptureRx phone call or email? Here they are. At CaptureRx, the dedicated employees embodying our mission are part of an elite squad known as the Special Teams Unit. These are their stories. (Yes, that is a Law and Order reference).

Favorite part of CaptureRx culture

Most Texan thing about you

Around the Office

When your office building is located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, directly across from the Majestic Theatre – coming into “work” isn’t such a bad thing. A stone’s throw away from the River Walk and the Alamo, CaptureRx employees enjoy the proximity of these landmarks and all the benefits that brings.

Around Town