Get the 340B savings you deserve

Rely on CaptureRx’s innovative solutions and services to help you achieve more savings in a compliant way. Ensure you are capturing all savings possible by adding programs that can capture referrals, take advantage of specialty pharmacies and streamline your program.

In-depth Review of Your Program

Discover opportunities for savings

  • Our experts look at your books to optimize your 340B savings

  • We identify contract pharmacy opportunities, audit your filters and conduct a volume analysis

  • Ensuring savings are 340B compliant

  • Analysis of your current pharmacy network

Your Personal 340B Expert Contact

Personalized 340B

  • Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager and cross-functional team of experts

  • Commited to your compliance, financial health and community

  • Regular program performance reviews – weekly, quarterly, annually

  • Working together to improve your program

We’ll Help You Build Your Network and Optimize Your Savings

Expand your 340B network and grow your program

  • Expand your specialty, retail chain, independent and mail order networks

  • Proximity mapping and a feasibility analysis

  • Provide more convenience to your 340B eligible patients

  • Understand pharmacy performance trends

The Industry’s Fastest Way to 340B Savings

Fast and accurate 340B savings

  • Our systematic approach to quickly launch your program and accurately collect your savings is the fastest in the industry
  • Our 90-days-or-less implementation record means your 340B program can be running faster
  • Our approach to revenue cycle management means you receive your savings accurately and faster than anyone in the industry

Claim Referral Prescriptions with Ease

Track referral claims

  • Expand your overall 340B savings

  • Improve tracking of referral prescriptions

  • Optimize your specialty pharmaceuticals program

  • Achieve dependable 340B compliance

Track Your Specialty Pharmacy Claims

Expand 340B Savings

  • Expanded formulary

  • Dual wholesalers

  • Custom ordering process

  • Variable pricing models

The single source for 340B data

One Robust 340B Interface

  • A gateway to grow your 340B benefits

  • One platform, mulitple TPA partners

  • 10-day turnkey implementation

  • No switch or implementation fees

  • Free volume analysis