Get the 340B savings you deserve

When it comes to 340B compliance, there’s only one number for total savings that’s right for your organization. Rely on CaptureRx’s innovative solutions and services to help you achieve more savings in a compliant way. Ensure you are capturing all savings possible by adding programs that can capture referrals, take advantage of specialty pharmacies and streamline your program.

In-depth Review of Your Program

Discover opportunities for savings

  • Our experts look at your books to optimize your 340B savings

  • We identify contract pharmacy opportunities, audit your filters and conduct a volume analysis

  • Ensuring savings are 340B compliant

  • Analysis of your current pharmacy network

340B Seminars Where We Come To You

Your Personal 340B Expert Contact

  • Hands-on, expert driven workshops

  • 340B industry and CaptureRx updates

  • Network and collaborate with your peers

  • Learn about solutions to strengthen your program

Capture All Eligible Prescriptions in Your Market

Expand your pharmacy network

  • Expand your specialty, retail chain, independent and mail order networks

  • Proximity mapping and a feasibility analysis

  • Provide more convenience to your 340B eligible patients

  • Understand pharmacy performance trends

Claim Referral Prescriptions with Ease

Track referral claims

  • Expand your overall 340B savings

  • Improve tracking of referral prescriptions

  • Optimize your specialty pharmaceuticals program

  • Achieve dependable 340B compliance

Track Your Specialty Pharmacy Claims

Expand 340B Savings

  • Expanded formulary

  • Dual wholesalers

  • Custom ordering process

  • Variable pricing models

The single source for 340B data

One Robust 340B Interface

  • A gateway to grow your 340B benefits

  • One platform, mulitple TPA partners

  • 10-day turnkey implementation

  • No switch or implementation fees

  • Free volume analysis

Find Your Number

When it comes to 340B compliance, there’s only one number for total savings that’s right for your organization. Our goal is to provide our users with unmatched compliance and to mitigate risks – with the end purpose of capturing all 340B savings possible.

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