J. Edward Charles Gilmartin was born in 1968 in Marietta, PA. Son of Patricia Charles Gilmartin and Joseph J. Gilmartin Jr., J. Edward, or Jake as he was known to many, was raised with his brother Joseph J. Gilmartin III in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Having graduated Summa Cum Laude from Oral Roberts University, Jake accomplished many successes thanks to his leadership in business: his involvement in the establishment of Boys & Girls Clubs (Scottsdale, Arizona), working in Nepal with medical teams, and serving as a Lobbyist in the U.S. Capital and Page in the U.S. Senate.

Ed was a co-founder of CaptureRx, along with Chris Hotchkiss. Ed is notable for his leading innovations in the 340B industry and for helping to create the industry.

Ed was notable in his contributions to the following innovations:

  • Cumulus, 2008 – The first software for contract pharmacy TPA
  • CaptureConnect, 2012 – The first chain pharmacy “gateway” product/service
  • ReferDoc – The first CE referral
  • CaptureCard – Providing 340B savings directly to the hands of patients
  • NEC Networks, LLC was the first to bring PBM to Community Mental Health programs that covered the costs of their patient’s prescription benefit

In regard to his personal life, Jake was married to his wife, Brooke. His passions were skiing, soccer, playing drums (he was a drum major for his high school band), and being an Eagle Scout like his father and grandfather.

Edward Charles Gilmartin passed away at 50 on September 14, 2018, in San Antonio, Texas. Ed’s legacy at CaptureRx continues with our MVV, company culture, day-to-day activities, and decision-making, essentially, he is and will always be fundamental to CaptureRx.

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