Enable your mission with the nation’s most
robust suite of 340B solutions designed
for Community Health Centers

At CaptureRx, our mission is to enable your mission. Our vast suite of 340B solutions is designed to bring dollar savings to community health centers, while delivering dependable compliance along with impactful community service programs. Our focus on helping you achieve your mission is one of the reasons CaptureRx is considered one of the leading 340B service providers across the nation.

  • Over 20 years of 340B leadership

  • Over $2.5 Billion in savings for Covered Entities (CEs) like you

  • A vast contract pharmacy network of over 3,500 independent, national and regional pharmacies


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    1. We deliver 340B compliance you can trust

    From leading software, to personalized training and service from our “340B mentors,” to regular online training and webinars, we deliver the most robust suite of 340B compliance solutions in the nation. We can make 340B friction-free for you.

    2. We help you optimize your 340B savings

    With over $2.5 billion in savings for CEs like you, one of our key advantages is clear – the ability to grow pharmacy networks through our extensive pharmacy relationships and expertise. From there, we help optimize your network and deliver additional services like ReferDoc® and CaptureSpecialty® to generate even more savings for your organization.

    3. We help impact lives in your community

    Since our mission is to enable your mission, we’ve developed programs which will help you serve your community in a special way. From grants for your favorite community projects, to solutions which help lower drug prices for your patients, CaptureRx is committed to serving your community.

    So, what are you waiting for?
    Take a fresh look at optimizing your 340B program. Contact us today and let the nation’s leader in enabling the missions of Community Health Centers help you achieve your goals.

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