Optimize your savings and provide your
patients access to specialty drugs.

The specialty drug market is increasing at a rapid pace and capturing claims for these high-end specialty drugs can have a great impact on your 340B program savings. At CaptureRx, we can provide you with the expertise, relationships and proven processes to build a valuable specialty program – quickly. CaptureSpecialty is just one more way to optimize your savings and begin receiving the savings you deserve while fulfilling patient needs.

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    1. Specialty Optimization Program

    CaptureRx will proactively review and resolve rejected claims due to missing drugs from wholesaler catalogs, resulting in additional savings to your entity

    2. Multiple pharmacy options to choose from

    CaptureRx works with multiple specialty pharmacies and can get you up and running quickly

    3. Advance compliance capability

    CaptureRx maintains strict compliance procedures to mitigate risk of diversion and follow audit and inventory requirements

    4. Ability to treat current specialties and to expand

    The design of your specialty program is up to you – only offer the most widely used drugs your patients need or expand the program over time to offer additional therapies

    5. More lives served

    Offering 340B pricing to patients is of tremendous importance to your patients in need and helps your patients maintain medication adherence

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