Reduce operational costs & improve margins
per store across your pharmacy chain.

We know 340B is complicated and we’re here to help. As experts in 340B, CaptureRx will come alongside you to help simplify your 340B program with CaptureConnect, our proven gateway solution. CaptureConnect keeps you compliant with streamlined financials, inventory and claims processing to optimize your business. Our unique approach to 340B can have your pharmacy running with new efficiencies and better margins in about 10 business days.

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    1. Superior revenue model

    Our approach to 340B is flexible and features a revenue model unlike that of other solutions you may have tried. Let us show you how we can measurably increase your margin per store.

    2. A single interface and contact for managing all TPAs

    Manage multiple 340B TPA (third-party administrators) and multiple pharmacy locations with one robust interface, streamlining your 340 program and reducing operating costs.

    3. Expand your 340B network and grow your business

    Our sales team and analysts will evaluate your current business and actively pursue new entities in your area to grow your network and make your 340B program larger and more successful than ever. Consider us your entity sales partner.

    4. Expert 340B team dedicated to you

    CaptureRx will partner with you and provide you with a dedicated 340B team of experts to help make your program a success. The CaptureRx team is fully dedicated to you.

    5. Connect with your community

    Growing your network means making a positive impact on your local communities and gives back to those in need. That’s important now more than ever.

    The 340B Solution for Pharmacy Chains

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