In celebration of their survival of the Y2K, college friends Chris Hotchkiss and Ed Gilmartin founded what is today known as CaptureRx. CaptureRx is a San Antonio-based healthcare technology company and leading 340B solution provider.

Our solutions serve over 540 hospitals and health centers in 45 states via a robust pharmacy network of more than 3,500 contracted pharmacies.

What originally started as humble beginnings, CaptureRx has grown to more than 150 staff and serving over seven million unique patient lives (and counting).

Our Culture

In the beginning. We didn’t start with endless stock options or the ability to pay large salaries to attract or keep employees. However, we could offer them our mission and values, and a promise to uphold those to our employees.

Let us explain…

We’re casual. Not because we fit a Silicon Valley tech startups definition of casual (God forbid we ever be one of those). We’re not casual through our relaxed dress policy or having an office pool table (both of which we have). We’re casual because of our notion to reject most business formalities. This can be seen in many things we do – from our freedom to operate individually to our open door policy. We value the quality of the individual, not the letters behind their name.

Our why. What’s the reason we get up and come into work in the morning? We want to enable our people and clients to identify what is wrong in the world and see the value in what the individual and organization can do to change that. We aren’t driven by the balance sheet or income statement. We are only swayed by what legacy we leave on the world – the legacy to help just one more person. We want to enable our employees to be who they strive to be, and our clients to achieve what they need to achieve.

What are some adjectives our employees and the industry use to describe us? We are tenacious. We are inevitable. Being scrappy, being confounding is the manner in which we achieve that inevitability. We’re the Pitbull (unrelated to the rapper) of the healthcare industry. We define what our success is – we define what our failure is.

Our people. Our employees aren’t simply a cog in the machine. They aren’t fodder or a stepping stone for other individuals within the company. We’d rather hire someone with hustle, heart, and self-motivation over a self-centered individual any day of the week. Our people, regardless of whether or not they’re a PhDs/MBAs/RPhs kickass like everyone else in the company. Our hiring environment, and subsequently our employees speak directly to our mission and values. If you think you’re aligned with our beliefs, please visit our careers page to view our current opportunities. We will take care of you if you take care of our “why.

Our employee initiatives and benefits outline our belief in the individual.  This can be reflected in the wellness program we offer and the company minimum wage ($25 per hour/ $52,000 per annum) that we offer all employees. We also provide flip-flops upon orientation. To my  Australian readers, we call them thongs – available upon request.

Owning our failures. We make mistakes. We don’t hide from them. We recognize them, we learn from them – we own them, we are them. We take our mission and our values seriously, and sometimes we fail. But, inevitably we succeed and success is defined by the lives we’ve served.

In the end: Our culture is not monolithic – each department, each individual, experiences it differently. It could be the hardest job you’ve ever had if you can’t align with our mission. If you can’t work hard towards that mission stop reading now. We know CaptureRx isn’t for everyone (yes, we know about Glassdoor!). We are not social justice warriors, we are an organization on a mission. We do what we do because we want to drive our mission and incentivise those who come with us on that journey.

Our Team

Franc Sieira

Chief Technology Officer

Originally from Spain, Franc came to the USA at the young age of 15. With a language barrier holding him back from communicating in his new home, Franc found an interest in technology as a means to express himself – learning to write code at just 15 years of age.

Since then, Franc has worked in a variety of industries including Telecom, Banking, Finance, Healthcare and Marketing Analytics. He likes to be humble and define himself as “a jack of all trades and master of none,” – however, his 26 years of expertise in software development and customization begs to differ. Although once a former director at Nielsen TMG, Franc has spent the majority of his career working for startups, creating new lines of business and products.

It was through a colleague at one of these startups, E-tran, that Franc was led to CaptureRx. What originally began as a desire to conquer new industries, befitting of a Spanish Conquistador, Franc viewed CaptureRx and the healthcare industry as just another stepping stone in his career. Several years later and CTO as his title, Franc is content where he is, drawn to the Capture culture and the impact we have on the healthcare community.

It is through his desire to help the community that for the past 10 years, Franc and his wife have been involved in the Gift Giving Project, part of the Stanford education system. The charity helps to connect kids with sponsors that will donate money, garments or toys to the needy children of the Stanford, Connecticut region. Don’t worry, I thought Stanford was only in California too.

Richard Wojcik

Chief Financial Officer

Rich (even he mispronounces his last name) “Woj”cik, is a trusted and driven financial executive with an extensive background in strategic planning, budgeting, and corporate finance.

After what started as a promising career at Dell, a close family member to Rich was diagnosed with an unexpected illness – requiring Rich and his family to move back to his home state and leave his career in technology behind. It was then that Rich found a job in healthcare, and has since never looked back.

He now has over 15 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, the last two of which he spent at CaptureRx. While working with W.L. Gore and Associates in the medical device industry, Rich was the financial leader of a new product group that brought $1.991B over last 12 years and $8.672B over the next 15 years to commercialization.

Rich is actively involved in fund raising for the local community as well as being a functional member in the Assistance League San Antonio. Rich is also an avid baseball fan, having coached high school baseball for the past 25 years. And if you’re looking to find Rich outside of work, you’ll catch him on the golf course or spending time with his family.

Terry Copeland, RPh., MBA

Vice President, Operations

Terry is the kind of person who changes the energy of the room when he walks in. Never one to moan or complain, you’ll find him with a constant smile on his face and ready to engage in banter with whoever dare challenge him.

At times Terry can be difficult to understand he is after all bilingual, fluent in both English and Southern Drawl. Terry is a graduate from the Pharmacy School of Samford University and Business/Public Health from the University of Alabama-Birmingham (hence the Southern Drawl!).

Terry is a Registered Pharmacist, 340B ACE, and has certifications in Process Improvement. Overall, he has been involved in the Healthcare industry for 28 years and directly in the 340B service provider space since 2008. After college graduation, Terry worked with Cardinal Health in many capacities, including opening and operating retail pharmacies for Community Health Centers & other Safety-Net providers.

Terry’s passion for helping people led him down a career path in the healthcare industry.  He feels his passion truly connected him to CaptureRx and to our overall mission of Lives Served.

Favorite Quote – “If you’re too comfortable, you’re not growing.”

David Gajeski

Vice President, Sales

David “Got-A-Jet-Ski” decided to pursue a career in healthcare early on in his life, attending the Louisiana State University and the University of LA – Monroe College of Pharmacy.  David has 30 years of extensive experience in many areas of healthcare, serving customers and patients in several senior leadership roles including leading both domestic and international operations and sales.

David’s desire to improve patient outcomes led him to CaptureRx, particularly to our ‘unique lives’ ideology. Our measurement of success is not the revenue we gain, but the number of lives we can impact. David’s quote that he works by is to, “just do the right thing because it’s right and we will always win!”

David is a member of A.C.H.E., HFMA, ASHP, TSHP, and LSHP.  For fun, David enjoys grilling, spending pool and beach time with family and friends, tennis, golf, and is an avid sports fan – particularly when it comes to the Texans, Astros and the LSU Tigers.