We’re back.
6 returning

We’re excited to be welcoming six employees back to CaptureRx. These employees left for various reasons, but their return symbolizes something much more meaningful.

We interviewed each of the six employees to uncover what prompted them to return. These are their answers.

1. What prompted you to return to CaptureRx?

Working at CaptureRx was one of the most rewarding positions I’ve held. I was proud to be part of a company that managed such a valuable program. My contributions were recognized, and I was promoted into Leadership for the first time in my career, which taught me a lot.

2. What (if any) skills and experiences did you gain since leaving?

I continued to develop my leadership and client management skills in subsequent positions.

3. What’s a few of your favorite things about CaptureRx?

I really love the people at CaptureRx. I made some great friends that I still have to this day.