Community Health Centers of the Central Coast (CHCCC) currently serve over 111,000 people in the Santa Barbara County of California.  CHCCC has been a customer of ours for years now, and in that time they’ve experienced many different transitions of Cumulus.

We recently interviewed Magdalena Serrano, Director of Behavioral Health at CHCCC to discuss how the new and improved Cumulus has enabled their business.

Here is that transcript:

“CHCCC uses Cumulus software on a daily basis and the wealth of information it provides as well as the ease with which to view it, allows us the tools to complete our job. Advantages of Cumulus include:

  • Their easy-to-use tutorials welcome us into their updated Cumulus system.
  • Their dashboard provides a layout that easily explains critical facts and statistics so we can make data-informed decisions.
  • The administrator can easily add or delete member users to the Cumulus system.

Cumulus allows us to see all our information, including information about our non-captured claims so greater analysis can be performed.

Multiple easy-to-use reports allow information to be expressed in different ways to understand our information from different perspectives and for different applications. The additional levels of security in the updated Cumulus prevents our data from being exposed and provides us with additional confidence.”

Derek Yip

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Health Sciences

340B Apexus Certified Expert

340B Coordinator 

Community Health Centers of the Central Coast, CHCCC