The Last Registration Period of the Year is Quickly Approaching.

The last HRSA registration period for 2022 is quickly approaching, October 1st – 15th.  To ensure we’re helping you achieve your right 340B revenue with compliance you can trust, please notify us of changes you’d like to make to your program including:

  • Addition or termination of child sites
  • Addition or termination of pharmacies (Chain, Specialty, or Independent)
  • Changes in address, name, authorizing official
  • Change in hospital type or HRSA Designation
  • Loss of eligibility/termination on HRSA
  • Participation in ESP

These changes are important in the administration of your program. If you are looking to make new additions to your network, we can assist by analyzing your e-script data, and identifying where your patients are sending their prescriptions. Please advise your account manager if any of these apply to your hospital/clinic.

*Please note that October 14th is the last day for Rite Aid to countersign any PSA’s to meet the registration deadline of October 15th.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Alicia Robinson at or fill out the form below.