Cumulus: A 340B Platform of Continual Improvement

A little over 2 years ago, we improved a new version of Cumulus with the goal of delivering the most robust and compliant 340B platform in the industry, while allowing for continuous improvements to be implemented with ease. Since the time of launch, we have added over 120 new enhancements and upgrades to the Cumulus platform, helping organizations improve productivity and take 340B management to the next level. Below are just a few of the 120 new features that have been added to Cumulus:

Save Time With Referral Optimization

CaptureRx’s ReferDoc solution allows our customers to track referral claims from specialists such as oncologists, or infections disease providers to increase overall 340B savings. CaptureRx has improved the ReferDoc solution within Cumulus to provide you a simpler way to prequalify referral prescriptions – you’ll only see the claims that lead to 340B savings. It’s easier than ever to find eligible claims, leading to improved efficiency and reducing costly manpower. Also included is a review status to isolate ReferDoc claims that do not match on first name for even better qualifying capabilities. These updates will allow ReferDoc customers to receive referral savings more quickly, which could have a positive impact on specialty drug claims, as well.

“I have to tell you, I very much like your platform. Everything is readily available to view. I like how you can see the provider panel, pharmacies, covered entity information, all right at your fingertips. Excellent job by your software developers.”

CM, California CHC

Gain More Transparency with the Virtual Inventory Report

Similar to the Replenishment Report, a new Virtual Inventory report has been added that provides a holistic view of Virtual Inventory information across all contracts. This report was created to add additional transparency to your 340B program. Similar to other reports, it is exportable into Excel and you can create custom templates based on criteria that you and your stakeholders need.

Built-in Training and Education Improves Ease-of-Use

CaptureRx has incorporated easy-to-view quick guides to explain what each module is designed to do to improve your overall user experience. The Cumulus how-to videos will help you and your staff quickly get up to speed on specific tasks at your own pace. The new Education Center provides information related to manufacturer and product updates, and announcements regarding CaptureRx webinars and events.

Data & Security Protection Enhancements.

CaptureRx has also added additional improvements to the original, high security protection settings for its clients’ data in Cumulus. We’ve incorporated hardened firewall rules and server security settings and offers endpoint 24/7 monitoring and protection of all devices in infrastructure. CaptureRx continues to conduct ongoing, internal monitoring of its security to include annual security risk assessments using the HHS SRA tool, and has also completed external auditing of security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy of data resulting in a SOC2 Type I Audit. Completion of the Type II Audit will take place by the end of 2021.

If you have any questions about these improvements or want to learn more, please contact your CRM. We’d love to hear your feedback, as well!