340B Coordinator training that’s practical for you

Become a certified 340B coordinator.

At CaptureRx, our mission is to enable your mission. That’s why we’ve created the new 340B Coordinator Training Program. This all-new curriculum gives you practical knowledge to help you achieve the right revenue for your organization with 340B compliance you can trust.

Limited seats are available for this exclusive offer and the deadline to enroll is April 22. If seats are already filled when you enroll, we will inform that you are on a waiting list for the next training sessions.

  1. Get the right 340B revenue to achieve your mission.

    When it comes to 340B compliance. there’s only one right number of total savings for YOUR organization. This class will help you find your one right number. Least what you need to know to do your 340B job successfully.

  2. Gain practical 340B expertise that you actually can implement.

    This is not your typical 340B training program. You’ll get more than just information about 340B. This program shows you how to successfully implement and run a 340B program in your organization.

  3. One-on-one training sessions.

    It’s one thing to learn about 340B. Our program takes learning a step further with personalized one-on-one sessions to discuss the needs of your specific organization.

Personalized professional 340B certification

Upon successful completion of the course participants will be awarded a verified digital certificate that demonstrates the ability to drive revenue in your organization as well as personal expertise in the 340B field.

About the program

Specific tracks will include the 340B statute, Medicaid Payers. Compliance and Auditing, Specialty Drugs, Contract Pharmacy Relationships and much more. Oct experts will guide you through the programs so you can get your certification in only about 6 months.

Schedule of Initial Sessions:

• May 5, 12 PM ET: 340B Coordinator Overview
• May 12, 12 PM ET: 340B CaptureRx Overview
• May 19, 12 PM ET: 340B Statute

The first live, virtual session will take place on May 5.

Deadline to sign up is April 22 and there are limited spaces available. Secure your spot today!