Bhupesh Manikonda - ACE Certified.

CaptureRx is committed to enabling the missions of Covered Entities. Part of that commitment requires us to be trusted industry experts and advisors. To accomplish that, we are dedicated to the learning and development of our employees.

Part of that learning and development comes through the Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate or ACE certification.

At CaptureRx, we are committed to achieving our goal of having one employee from each department become ACE certified. Helping us to help you enable your mission.

One of those employees is Bhupesh Manikonda. We interviewed Bhupesh to discuss why he chose to become ACE certified and what he hopes to accomplish.

Here is that transcript:

1. How long have you been working at CaptureRx?

I have been working at CaptueRx for 3 ½ years.

2. What do you do at CaptureRx?

“My current title is Implementation Manager I. In this role, I work closely with all internal and external stakeholders to ensure that covered entities and their pharmacy networks are all configured properly in relation to our CaptureRx solutions.”

3. What are your Hobbies?

“I enjoy following my hometown sports teams (Go Rockets and Texans!), listening to a wide variety of music, traveling to new places, and reading up on history/current events.”

4. Why did you choose to get Ace Certified?

“I chose to get ACE certified in order to gain more knowledge about the industry overall. In my current role, educating new clients about the 340B program and best practices is really important both during and after the implementation process.

With the knowledge gained from the ACE certification program, I am better equipped to identify and advise clients about their unique needs and how CaptureRx can ultimately help them better help their patient populations and communities.”

5. What do you like most about working at Capture?

“The people I get to work with is the best thing about working at CaptureRx. This group of people includes coworkers, outside vendors in the industry, and clients. Creating and developing long-lasting relationships with all parties involved while working towards a common goal is great to experience on a day to day basis. Also, working on the implementation team is especially enjoyable as there are not many dull moments when we are all together.”

Here at CaptureRx, we are honored to continuously support the missions of Covered Entities. This is just one example of how we do that.