340Brief Afford Prescriptions - Large

It’s difficult for many Americans to afford their prescription drugs, and now that difficulty is increasing. As providers you want your patients to remain adherent to their regimes, but how can you help with manufacturer changes to 340B access, as well as the many Americans now unemployed and uninsured due to COVID-19?

In this 340Brief on October 15, 12 PM ET, our expert, Philip Barrera, Product Manager at CaptureRx, will tell you about the steps CaptureRx is taking to proactively address the situation and ways you can help your patients access prescriptions at a cost they can afford and decrease drug abandonment.

The 340Brief promise to you:

  • Quick – 20 minutes or less every time, plus Q&A to answer any of your questions
  • Relevant – Information that will bring value to your organization
  • Actionable – At least 3 takeaways you can put into action right away