On Friday, July 24, 2020, President Trump signed into Executive Order a mandate which requires 340B FQHC Covered Entities to pass along their 340B savings for injectable epinephrine and Insulin prescription drugs. This pertains to the underinsured, non-insured and those patients with high deductibles and is a condition of future federal grants.

We realize that many of our FQHC clients already extend their 340B savings to those patients who cannot afford their medications, but we realize this creates an additional strain for some.

There are several solutions that we can offer you with in order to comply with this Order. Our cash card, CaptureCard, is a vehicle by which you can offer lower cost prescriptions, with several ways you can tailor to your business needs. Options available include:

1. For current users of CaptureCard, we can modify the way your program is designed to expand the use to those patients who are prescribed the specific drugs in the Order.

2. Enroll in the CaptureCard program with the Break-Even Model. This model captures cash claims with the patient paying all costs (340B drug cost + admin & dispense fee). The benefit is that this model passes entire 340B discount to patient without any additional cost to the Covered Entity.

3. Enroll in the CaptureCard program using the 340B Cost of Goods (COG) Model. With this model, the patient pays the 340B COG for each prescription. The Covered Entity is responsible for paying the admin fee and pharmacy dispense fee, meaning that the patient receives a deeper discount off the retail cost.

4. Enroll in the CaptureCard program utilizing the Fully Subsidized Model. With this model, the designated patients will have zero copay for each prescription. The Covered Entity is responsible for paying the admin fee, the pharmacy fill fee, and the 340B COG’s, meaning the patient will get all associated claims for free.

If you would like to get started with any of these options, please contact your CRM for more information on next steps. Please know we have your back and are willing to do whatever possible to assist.

To read the entire Executive Order, you can find it here on the White House website.