Merch request for audits of 340b claims

CaptureRx is aware and concerned by the recent request made by manufacturer, Merck, requesting that 340B Covered Entities participate in bi-weekly audits of 340B claims involving Merck products. We understand this request is to help ensure compliance with the 340B requirements, however, this can be burdensome for many of you.

CaptureRx continues to monitor HRSA for any guidance and recommendation regarding this request. Please seek advice from your legal counsel on how to proceed if you receive the letter from Merck.

Should you decide to comply and provide the information requested by Merck, we can assist you with obtaining the information needed within Cumulus for the claims requested. Please reach out to your Customer Relationship Manager for that assistance.

For more information, if you are a member of 340B Health, please visit the discussion board to see how other CEs are responding, as well as the organization’s opinion. You can also visit (the platform Merck is using) for FAQs regarding the utilization and security of their website and uploading information.

Be assured we will continue to monitor any updates so that we can stay apprised of the situation. We will provide any pertinent information that may assist you in making an informed decision.