Telehealth and 340B Illustration

Are you capturing all 340B eligible Telehealth encounters? Don’t miss out on valuable 340B savings! With many communities seeing recent spikes in COVID-19 cases, when applicable, telemedicine is still the safest and most responsible way to care for the health of your patients. HRSA acknowledges that “telemedicine is merely a mode by which the health care service is delivered.”

Therefore, be sure to send us your Telehealth patient encounters on a daily basis so that they can be processed. You may want to work with your IT department to add these visits to the scope of the patient encounter files you regularly send to CaptureRx. Also, it is important to address Telehealth in your policies and procedures and maintain auditable records so that your entity captures all of the 340B savings it deserves.

See below for key points to keep in mind. We’ve also included a few links that may help. For any questions or clarification, feel free to contact your CaptureRx Customer Relationship Manager. We’re here to help.

  • Telehealth is a “modified delivery mechanism for an existing service” and should be defined as such in P&Ps
  • Grantees are not required to seek approval for change of scope to use telehealth to provide a service already in scope
  • Best practices:
    • Confirm that the patient definition is met, is defined in P&Ps and auditable records exist
      • Policies and procedures address:
        • Telemedicine encounters establish responsibility of care
        • Align with day-to-day clinic/hospital operations
        • Public health emergency procedures affecting 340B compliance
    • Confirm that the service is within the scope of the grant or originating from a department/clinic that already exists as reimbursable on the MCR
    • Target telehealth claims in your self-audit

Telehealth Implementation Quick Guide

The Telehealth Implementation Quick Guide provides a short overview of reimbursement and legal considerations for telehealth during the pandemic, operational guides compiled from health centers for implementing telemedicine and telephonic visits, and sample workflows. It was produced by a cross-NACHC working group, national subject matter experts, and field practitioners. It is available on the Health Center Resource Clearinghouse.

The Evidence Base for Telehealth: Reassurance in the Face of Rapid Expansion During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Telehealth: Delivering Care Safely During COVID-19