CaptureRx recently hosted a ‘Coping with Anxiety’ skills workshop, presented by Gina from Mind Helm. Considering that nearly half of our entire workforce attended this presentation, and many found it helpful, we thought we’d share the key takeaways from that presentation with you all.

Here are 8 tips for managing your anxiety:

  1. Acknowledge what you are feeling. Sharing your anxious feelings with someone can help you feel better and less isolated in your feelings.
  1. Smiling and changing your facial muscles can decrease anxious feelings. Just smiling when you feel anxious can tell the brain it is okay even though it doesn’t feel okay.
  1. Face what is causing your anxiety. Remember avoidance is what feeds anxiety, exposure to what is bringing those feelings is part of growth and will be part of decreasing your anxiety.
  1. Notice whose business you are in. There are three choices: Yours, others, God’s (or the universe, higher power, etc) You need to move into your business only it is the only place you have power.
  1. Notice the meaning you are giving to the events in your life. Are you giving meaning such as “nothing will ever be the same.” Or “I will not be okay if this is how things are” etc. Interpretation is everything!
  1. Change your biology! Many times, changing the temperature of your skin or the chemicals in your mouth will help you out of a negative thought spiral. Ex. Cold shower, swimming, exercise, brush teeth, chew gum, etc)
  1. Radical acceptance. It is painful to accept reality, but it is suffering to refuse to accept reality.  “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”

Often when you feel anxious you will find turning your attention towards another person will help you bring down your own anxiety.

A helpful resource:

YouTube: Dr. Maya Angelou: “Be the Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud.” 

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