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Organization: Health Ministries Clinic – Newton, Kentucky.

Population Served: Harvey County’s (Kentucky) median household income is $55,687/yr., with an 11.2% poverty rate. Most patients in Harvey County are 60 and over.

Grant Type: Medication Adherence Grant.

Project Title: Medication Adherence and Integration.

Problem: Medication Adherence is an issue that affects the lives of patients on a daily basis and can reduce the efficiency of treatments that are prescribed. There are many reasons for a lack of adherence, such as forgetfulness, the complexity of the treatment, cost, or even not thinking the medication is effective. Cost is a major factor for Health Ministries Clinic (HMC) patients, which is why the 340b program is a great asset to the clinic.

Solution: Health Ministries Clinic was finding it difficult to dedicate the time needed for patient consultations in order to increase medication adherence. With the funds, the entity can add more pharmacy staff time to reach a wider range of patients and allow for scheduled and intentional patient interactions to improve outcomes.

Here at CaptureRx, we are honored to support Capture Cares and its continued effort to enable the missions of covered entities. This is just one example of how grants can be used to impact communities and their patients.