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CaptureRx is committed to enabling the missions of Covered Entities. Part of that commitment, requires us to be trusted industry experts and advisors. To accomplish that, we are dedicated to the learning and development of our employees.

Part of that learning and development comes through the Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate, or ACE certification.

At CaptureRx, we are committed to achieving our goal of having one employee from each department become ACE certified. Helping us to help you enable your mission.

One of those employees is Amy Hall. We interviewed Amy to discuss why she chose to become ACE certified and what he hopes to accomplish.

Here is that transcript:

1. How long have you been working at CaptureRx?

“I’ve worked at CaptureRx for 6 years”.

2. What do you do at CaptureRx?

“I’m the Director of Technical Quality and Compliance”.

3. What are your Hobbies?

“Baking and Cooking, Home Organizing, I’m in my church’s choir and currently serve as the Choir President, and I am the mom of a 14 year-old son and have two rescue dogs”.

4. Why did you choose to get ACE Certified?

“First, I’m slightly competitive and wanted to be the first ACE in our IT Department. And since I handle compliance for our software, it is important for me to know as much about the 340B Industry as possible. I want to make sure that CaptureRx not only offers the best software through our Cumulus platform, but my Quality Assurance Testing background also means that I’m looking for the best customer experience possible. Taking the ACE gives me an entirely new perspective on all that our Covered Entities do to participate in this beneficial program and it is our mission in the IT Department to deliver as much transparent functionality as possible in our new Cumulus platform. The ACE courses helped me understand every aspect of 340B that our customers need visibility into in order to be successful; we strive to make their jobs as easy as possible”.

5. What do you like most about working at Capture?

“What I like most about CaptureRx are the people. My coworkers are intelligent, helpful, kind and compassionate. When everyone has the same mission, it makes it less about coming to “work” and more about everyone working toward one goal. In addition, everyone in the IT department has a voice and this freedom has allowed for better communication, ideas and problem-solving that may have not otherwise been possible. It’s fun to work with such amazing talent”.

Here at CaptureRx, we are honored to continuously support the missions of Covered Entities. This is just one example of how we do that.

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