Cumulus 4 is Now in Beta

CaptureRx released Cumulus 4 (C4) into beta production during April of 2019 with the goal of providing you with a “test run” in preparation for C4 in full production. In beta, you have the ability to view C4’s user-friendly interface, become familiar with the navigation and view various modules. All business functionality will be performed on the Cumulus 3 website and your business will run as usual.

New Features. Better Performance.

Based on your feedback, CaptureRx has upgraded our proprietary platform with a more user-friendly interface and feature-rich enhancements to help you get even more out of your 340B program.

Enhanced features of C4 include:

  • 340B Management – A holistic view of your 340B program details including Covered Entities,  Pharmacies, Contracts, Wholesaler Accounts and Prescribers
  • Prescriber list – Easy look-up of covered entities with the ability to view, add, edit and terminate your list of prescribers
  • Formulary details – Full visibility of the list of drugs that are available within your 340B program
  • Contract details – Settings information related to your contract, including conditions for approval and fees.
  • Dispense fee models – For pharmacies, more flexibility to accommodate growing specialty and generic drug mix

Of course, C4 maintains highly beneficial features of previous versions, including:

  • Claim details – The ability to view the details of claims including the approval/denial results and relevant financial summary
  • Virtual inventory – Easy tracking of outstanding inventory and listing of historic transactions (approvals, orders, overages, etc.) that impact the total
  • Replenishment – Visibility of orders in progress, as well as previous orders placed